Mockups are not UI templates

Working with mockups is a great way to convey ideas, but Nathan Bobbins highlights an interesting point when writing about Product Management’s Role in Product Design. UI mockups are supposed to explain an idea or story, but the real UI modelling should be done by a UI designer, UX designer, or interaction designer. The product manager is often not fully qualified for this role (though smaller and medium-sized companies often do not want to afford a dedicated person with this skill set).

Balsamiq Mockup tool


The first post of this blog introduces a tool for a very important task of product management: user interface design. Since the user interacts with the software only through the user interface, careful design is necessary, which often involves several iterations.

An effective yet simple tool for creating wireframes is Balsamiq. It’s quick, easy, and provides two different styles for wireframes. Have a look yourself.