Web Typography Principles

Interestingly, web design entered the mature stage in which not all technical possibilites are demonstrated, but in which the user is in the centre of attention. Matt Cronin wrote an article a while back which is still highly interesting: 10 Principles For Readable Web Typography. His suggestions become ever more important for any software running in a browser, blurring the lines between stand-alone software and a website.

The principles Matt suggests are:

  1. User-Friendly Headers
  2. Scannable Text
  3. White Space
  4. Consistency
  5. Density of Text
  6. Emphasis of Important Elements
  7. Organization of Information
  8. Clean Graphical Implementation
  9. Use of Separators
  10. Good Margins

Some of them are applications of basic design principles, but nonetheless I agree with all of them.

Too much cross-selling

Shopping websites can generate additional revenues by offering related articles that the buyer might like. This cross-selling approach can be observed on nearly any shopping site (though from what I heard, not all products listed are really “bought by others who viewed this item”, as claimed by shopping websites).

I do not know who Lena is, but in her blog she wrote a nice article of how she observed way too much cross-selling and bad user experience on a single site, showing that cross-selling can go badly wrong.