Use Cases vs. User Stories in an Agile World

When applying agile development processes, are user stories superior to use cases? The article Use Cases in an Agile World states that they serve different purposes but none is better than the other. In effect, author suggests:

  • On non-Agile projects, Use Cases and Process Flows are used in requirements document to define process steps between the user and system.
  • On Agile projects, Use Cases and Process Flows can be used to derive Epics and User Stories.

Balsamiq Mockup tool


The first post of this blog introduces a tool for a very important task of product management: user interface design. Since the user interacts with the software only through the user interface, careful design is necessary, which often involves several iterations.

An effective yet simple tool for creating wireframes is Balsamiq. It’s quick, easy, and provides two different styles for wireframes. Have a look yourself.