New Product Management job? These are your first tasks

When you have a new product management job, what are your tasks in your first couple of weeks? Study the product, architecture, speak to developer, sales and support, have a look at the roadmap…

The guys at HipChat add a task that they consider even more important: Speak to users. They say: ”

Your job as a PM is to find the right problems – then work with your team to solve them.” So to understand the problems, speaking to users is a better way than studying the product’s architecture.

What it takes to create a strong product team

I ran across this checklist of requirements that it takes to create a strong product team. It’s more than the usual five-item list, and it’s worth a read. I personally do not agree with every item, especially not with the timeframes, but in general the checklist is pretty inspiring. It contains four fields:

  • Team Staffing
  • Team Context
  • Dual-Track – Discovery
  • Dual-Track – Delivery