Future with no apps

Donny Reynolds points out that apps on mobile phones have two major drawback: discoverability and delivery. Both aspects are possible setbacks to individual apps’ success and to the platform’s success as a whole.

The proposed solution is to provide streamed apps on demand.

But wait – isn’t that websites?

Pitfalls and success criteria of releasing your product as Open Source

Most software product are developed as closed-source projects. There are some famous examples of open-source software though, such as Firefox, Linux, OpenOffice, etc.

To avoid the pitfalls and successfully release your software product as open source, this article lists what you need to take care of:

  • Why Open Source?
  • Getting Started
  • Choose A Default License
  • Outgoing Review
  • Accepting Contributions
  • Maintaining The Project
  • Warning Signs
  • End-Of-Lifing Projects
  • Conclusion

Case Study: Dyson

This is a case study about Dyson: It sucks, but that’s the point.

The analysis of the Dyson vacuums company reveals three mains factors of success:

  1. Focus on the obvious problem
  2. Plan for failure and learn from it
  3. Invest in what’s next

All of these can be applied to software product, too, and especially the third one is forgotten most often.