Enterprise Software Marketing

This blog post on the What is Product Marketing Blog highlights several ways of marketing enterprise software. The post itself does not reveal much new information, but the author promises to dive deeper into them in other posts. The first comment to the post, however, is much more interesting: Is there a gap between Corporate Marketing and the people dealing with the customers? Can Corporate Marketing take into account all differences of markets, regions, cultures? This is where the real problem lies, not in the technical media used for marketing.

A very nice sales tool

On a recent trade fair, I came across a company that had a very nice sales pitch: Anyone could model an IT environment on an iPad, then the app calculated the operating costs. The salesman claimed that this offer was binding to the provider. Within minutes, customers had a price indication and could go right to the next step.

I like this direct sales approach, involving the customer’s situation (and problems) right from the beginning. Of course, such an approach is the easier the simpler the solutions is, and might not be appropriate for all solutions. But if your software or offer is that simple, this is an impressive sales pitch.