Moving from early stage to growth stage

Yerrie Kim speaks about how to act as a product manager in the early stage of product development and how to act in the growth stage of product development. She highlights the dimensions Technology, Customers and Team.

There is pretty much insight in the speech, but the difficult thing would be to realise when to move on from early phase to growth phase. This is not a sudden change but rather an evolution.

What a product manager is not

A product manager has many responsibilities, yet he or she is does not do everything, is not responsible for everything and does not feature all possible character traits. Here is a list of what a product manager is not:

  • A product manager isn’t a techie
  • A product manager isn’t a marketer
  • A product manager isn’t a product owner
  • A product manager isn’t an agile fascist
  • A product manager isn’t a data analyst or user researcher
  • A product manager isn’t the boss (or la patron)

I might add that the product manager should understand everything the other guys do, even if he does not do it himself. Read the full article for further information.