Great presentations for great product managers

Product managers have to impress people, convey their vision and communicate effectively. More often than not, they use PowerPoint. Even though most product manager have very high PowerPoint skills, it is wise to always keep learning.

I came across the blog of Presentation Panda. The author provides really good advice and insights. A recommended read! (I am not affiliated with the site).

How to hire a good designer

Last week I shared a post on how to hire a good Product Manager. But there are not only product managers in a good team (and developers, by the way), but a designer is usually also part of the team. You may also call the UX expert, UI specialist, or the like. But there needs to be someone who turns the product manager’s mockups into real UI.

Bokardo has a post on How to hire a good designer.

  • Always be building relationships.
  • Portfolio, portfolio, portfolio.
  • Can they tell a story?
  • Are they designers all the time?
  • Know what motivates designers.
  • Understand their current pain.
  • Have them hang with the team.
  • Do design exercises.
  • Reach out yourself.
  • Trust your team.
  • Can they critique/take criticism?

Read the details in Bokardo’s post.