20 Questions from New Scrum Master to Product Owner

What should a new Scrum Master ask the Product Manager? Here are some suggestions that also provide a view on the product manager’s duties. I do not agree with all questions and all proposed answers, but it is definitely inspiring.


Addendum: I have created a resource stash for all things related to Software Product Management!

Commander’s Intent

Having read this post on 52 Weeks of UX, I came to wonder whether a typical user story (in case you use SCRUM or similar approaches) should be just like a Commander’s Intent. In military language, the Commander’s Intent describes the overall goal to be achieved, independent of short-term changes of conditions and of the steps necessary for its achievement.

I believe a good user story should be just like a Commander’s Intent: The Product Owner will describe the goal and leave it to the Development team how to achieve this goal and to react on any changes of conditions.

On another note, I believe that the book Made to Stick is worth a read. I have not read it yet, but I will!