How to spot an outstanding product manager

The post “Find, Vet and Close the Best Product Managers” is about the hiring process of product managers. It provides good examples of questions and weak and strong answers, so it is definitely worth a read.

More than that, outstanding product managers’ qualities are listed, and I fully agree:

  • Articulate what a winning product looks like.

  • Rally the team to build it.

  • Iterate on it until they get it right.

The qualities are then further explained:

  • Intellectual ability

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Effectiveness within the company culture

  • Knows what users want

  • Strategic/Analytical Thinking

  • Technical background

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

Addendum: I have created a resource stash for all things related to Software Product Management!

What a product manager is not

A product manager has many responsibilities, yet he or she is does not do everything, is not responsible for everything and does not feature all possible character traits. Here is a list of what a product manager is not:

  • A product manager isn’t a techie
  • A product manager isn’t a marketer
  • A product manager isn’t a product owner
  • A product manager isn’t an agile fascist
  • A product manager isn’t a data analyst or user researcher
  • A product manager isn’t the boss (or la patron)

I might add that the product manager should understand everything the other guys do, even if he does not do it himself. Read the full article for further information.

Product Management Mistakes that you need to prevent

The Cranky Product Manager returned and she brings us a list of common product management mistakes that we need to prevent. Even experienced PMs make these mistakes. Among the items on the list are:

  1. Not meeting with enough customers often enough.
  2. Allowing a piece of shit to ship.
  3. Making the product hard to buy or up-edition.
  4. Being afraid to draw pictures.

See the full list here.