Multi-screen insights from Google and Microsoft

The UX Lady summarized the insights from Google and Microsoft regarding multi-screen use. The companies made some findings that could have been found by applying common sense, but some ideas are pretty interesting. It is worth a read if you plan to offer your service on several platforms (and who doesn’t, after all?).

Solving known problems

In this post, I would like to link this startup company and their product: Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger. It is a simple new hardware product that solves one of the most common annoyances people have with their everyday tool: Smartphones. Smartphones can do nearly everything and the only thing they do not have included is a kitchen sink. However, they need to be charged extremely often. Solar-cell-powered chargers do not require a plug, but the phone still needs to be charged.

The Kinetic Charger just charges the phone during everyday use. What a great idea.