Users do not want to learn how to use your product

As a product manager, you might be tempted to assume that users want to learn how to use your product. You provide loads of documentation, a hotline, and a lot of other help for the inquiring user.

However, user are usually not as excited about your cool and fancy product like you are. They have a goal in mind and just want to reach it. If your tool is the right one, fine. If not, they will eventually choose another one (e.g. when it is too complicated to understand).

User action requires three things:

  • Necessary motivation
  • Sufficient ability
  • Effective triggers

Learn here how to provide these three requirements here.


Addendum: I have created a resource stash for all things related to Software Product Management!

Inspiration for entrepreneurs from running

For the new year, some of you might set themselves some new resolutions and motivations. Running, like sports in general, is a good field for finding motivation. I came across the article “What I learned about entrepreneurship from running” that addresses entrepreneurs, but can be applied to any ambitious person.

There are probably a lot more analogies than the ones mentioned (productivity, focus, burnouts, rewards, consistency, etc.), but it is a good start into the new year.