Future with no apps

Donny Reynolds points out that apps on mobile phones have two major drawback: discoverability and delivery. Both aspects are possible setbacks to individual apps’ success and to the platform’s success as a whole.

The proposed solution is to provide streamed apps on demand.

But wait – isn’t that websites?

Unbundling apps to stand-alone apps

There is a trend of unbundling the all-in-one app on smartphones into several stand-alone apps. The most prominent example is probably Facebook unbundling its Messenger app. However, there is some doubt that this strategy pays off in the future: Why The Great App Unbundling Trend Is Already In Trouble

Very interesting to read.

iOS 7 Inconsistencies

When iOS 7 was revealed, the reception was ambiguous: Some claimed that the graphical style was just a copy of Windows Phone’s, other claimed that Apple just took the good parts and improved them, following the general trend of flat design.

This post of Niclas Hellberg illustrates that the icon design of iOS 7 is inconsistent. Personally, I think that Apple just could not make a 1:1 copy of a competitor’s design, thus having to create an own style. The colour palette is consistent, after all.