Product Managers’ nightmares and how to avoid them

Daniel Elizalde has some very insightful points on how to avoid product managers’ nightmares. He also mentions: the cures:

  • The MVP must fit to the timeframe
  • You need to be realistic about your team capabilities
  • Include a project manager (yes, although I propose to distinguish between project managers and product managers, a dedicated product/project manager is useful in large development projects)
  • Use agile methods to reduce risks

Read the article How to Avoid a Product Manager’s Worst Nightmare here.

Product Management Mistakes that you need to prevent

The Cranky Product Manager returned and she brings us a list of common product management mistakes that we need to prevent. Even experienced PMs make these mistakes. Among the items on the list are:

  1. Not meeting with enough customers often enough.
  2. Allowing a piece of shit to ship.
  3. Making the product hard to buy or up-edition.
  4. Being afraid to draw pictures.

See the full list here.

Pricing of new products

Startup companies create great new products and want to earn huge amounts of money with it. Existing companies launch new products and need to create a positive cashflow from them.

Why is pricing, unlike product development, often performed so randomly then?

At the Product Discovery’s blog, Jim Semick lists the most common errors of product pricing. Avoid them.