Using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to focus on customer problems

I came across the post Using OKRs to focus on customer problems by Viktoras Jucikas. It is highly interesting and certainly practical, but to my mind it has a close similarity to Impact Mapping and even Management by Objectives. Still, however you may call it, it is a critical tool for product managers.

Impact Maps

An interesting way of deriving features from actual business goals is Impact Mapping. The centre of the process is the business goal, which several groups of people contribute to. Each of the groups can contribute in certain ways, and therefore needs specific features. This four-step approach cannot replace any planning, wireframing, etc., but if the goal is fixed, it helps you see which features are needed by which people.

There has been some discussion on whether the Who or the How should be the second step, and the author decided for the Who. Of course, anyone using this technique is free to adapt the concept.