Why startups fail

Many startups fail, and now there is a study showing why they fail. Interestingly, I see two reasons on top:

  • Business model not viable
  • Money issues

The money issues are of diverse nature, though money seems to play a major role when startups fail. It is more of a concern, though, that the business model is a major reason for failure, because that could have been anticipated beforehand in most cases.

Read the full analysis here.

Why do products fail? (Root Causes)

Probably, more products fail than not. This is not only due to lacking information, but also because of personal bias. Marty Cagan held a nice presentation which is also available as text. He points out many of the product failure reasons that are based on human irrational behaviour, and I mostly agree with him. This is a reminder for all of us to reflect our judgement from time to time.