Velocity games

Ah, the wonderful meaning of velocity. Velocity is often interpreted as a fixed development speed, and increasing the velocity means a higher development speed. What some people do not understand is that velocity and days (FTE etc.) and currencies with a floating exchange rate. When prompted to increase velocity, a team could simply estimate higher number for each story, increasing the velocity while keeping development speed constant or even lower.

Please refer to the article Increase My Velocity, Baby! for lovely unicorn images.

Case Study: Reducing choices instead of listening to everyone

Joelle Steiniger wrote a real-life case study about how not to go about developing a product. She writes that they listened to people in the development process, which was wrong. Eventually, they tried so solve the original problem without following pre-defined solutions. One of the most famous examples is mentioned as well: Henry Ford would have built faster horse carriages, had he listened to people.

The post is a longer one, but it is worth it.

Meet the minimum requirements first

Jeff Lash posted an interesting article on the focus of product development, and consequential marketing of the product’s features. He claims that development should focus on meeting all minimum requirements first, instead of exceeding one particular requirement by far. This seems obvious, yet this rule is broken daily when looking at advertisements.

Very often, the theory is easy to understand, but we need a reminder to keep it on our minds. This article is such a reminder, especially when being excited for a feature and spending a lot of time with that particular feature.