Infographics for commercial purposes

I read the article Tell your work story with an infographic by Hutch Carpenter and found that infographics are pretty useful to convey information about topics or people. But I doubt that infographics can be used for commercial purposes. This is why:

  • Infographics are not usually used in business context.
  • Infographics are not interactive. Websites or microsites can offer more interaction with the visitor.

If your value proposal is simple enough to fit into an infographic (which it should be), infographics will be a good add-on to your business communication, but will not be sufficient.

Email as part of User Experience

Email probably is the application that has been called dead most often and is still alive, now for more than 30 years. A lot of application still rely on email, especially web applications, and this post on 52 Weeks of UX explains why:

  • Confirmation
  • Reminders
  • Learning
  • Alerts
  • Updates

What other medium offer such a variety of direct communication with the user? In my opinion, the general trend to proprietary platforms such as Facebook or Skype cannot substitute the general-purpose email.