Case Study: Reducing choices instead of listening to everyone

Joelle Steiniger wrote a real-life case study about how not to go about developing a product. She writes that they listened to people in the development process, which was wrong. Eventually, they tried so solve the original problem without following pre-defined solutions. One of the most famous examples is mentioned as well: Henry Ford would have built faster horse carriages, had he listened to people.

The post is a longer one, but it is worth it.

Case Study: Dyson

This is a case study about Dyson: It sucks, but that’s the point.

The analysis of the Dyson vacuums company reveals three mains factors of success:

  1. Focus on the obvious problem
  2. Plan for failure and learn from it
  3. Invest in what’s next

All of these can be applied to software product, too, and especially the third one is forgotten most often.