The Apple Watch and the UX requirements

The Apple Watch is not a smaller phone, just as a smart phone is not a smaller computer. Raluca Budiu recommends the following for UX development for the Apple Watch: (quoted from her article The Apple Watch: User-Experience Appraisal):

  • Distill the essential content that people are interested in and present it in a compressed form that would fit the tiny watch screen.
  • Avoid buttons and complex navigation as much as possible, and if you do include buttons make them few and big.
  • Use handoff to phone to enable users to get more details and solve problems that require more complicated interactions.
  • Create standalone bits of text that can easily be read and comprehended and truly convey the gist of your content.

Apple using localized commercials

Apple uses localized commercials, as this post shows. I like this extra effort because when promoting software or service, you need to reach people. If nobody cares about Facebook or Twitter in China, then why bother people with them? Weibo is a way better choice because it is present in the audience’s lives.

Of course, this causes additional effort and cost. On the other hand, marketing is only done to make people care about your product. So you should make them care.

Perfect User Interface of Mac OS X Mountain Lion

While Apple pursues a doubtful UX strategy with their mobile operating system iOS, the desktop operating system Mac OS X provides some examples of perfect user experience design. Take this example: When you plug in a non-touch mouse, scroll-bars appear on every windows automatically. This is a nearly perfect UX because it obeys two of the most important rules of UX design:

  • Show only what is needed for an action
  • Do not show whatever is unnecessary for an action

Well done, Apple.


Attention to detail

I realize once more that Mac OS is the most beautifully designed operating system, with great attention to detail. Windows 8 might be more straightforward, but look at this example of the Mac App Store over at Little Big Details: Depending on the download progress of an app, the transparency of the icon changes! This is not necessary at all for proper functioning, but shows how much care they put in the product.