Unbundling apps to stand-alone apps

There is a trend of unbundling the all-in-one app on smartphones into several stand-alone apps. The most prominent example is probably Facebook unbundling its Messenger app. However, there is some doubt that this strategy pays off in the future: Why The Great App Unbundling Trend Is Already In Trouble

Very interesting to read.

A very nice sales tool

On a recent trade fair, I came across a company that had a very nice sales pitch: Anyone could model an IT environment on an iPad, then the app calculated the operating costs. The salesman claimed that this offer was binding to the provider. Within minutes, customers had a price indication and could go right to the next step.

I like this direct sales approach, involving the customer’s situation (and problems) right from the beginning. Of course, such an approach is the easier the simpler the solutions is, and might not be appropriate for all solutions. But if your software or offer is that simple, this is an impressive sales pitch.