What a product manager is not

A product manager has many responsibilities, yet he or she is does not do everything, is not responsible for everything and does not feature all possible character traits. Here is a list of what a product manager is not:

  • A product manager isn’t a techie
  • A product manager isn’t a marketer
  • A product manager isn’t a product owner
  • A product manager isn’t an agile fascist
  • A product manager isn’t a data analyst or user researcher
  • A product manager isn’t the boss (or la patron)

I might add that the product manager should understand everything the other guys do, even if he does not do it himself. Read the full article for further information.

Product Managers’ nightmares and how to avoid them

Daniel Elizalde has some very insightful points on how to avoid product managers’ nightmares. He also mentions: the cures:

  • The MVP must fit to the timeframe
  • You need to be realistic about your team capabilities
  • Include a project manager (yes, although I propose to distinguish between project managers and product managers, a dedicated product/project manager is useful in large development projects)
  • Use agile methods to reduce risks

Read the article How to Avoid a Product Manager’s Worst Nightmare here.