Resource Stash for all things related to Software Product Management!

Esteemed readers,

I have created a resource stash for all things related to Software Product Management. It contains links to interesting articles, tools, blogs, and more. I will keep adding items to the stash and currently I am moving content from the blog to the stash.

Please keep using the stash, comment with inspiring posts, like the stashed items, and visit the linked sites. Thanks for reading this blog.

I am thinking of purchasing a suitable domain name for the stash – any suggestions?

Thank you.

-The Inspired Product Manager

Blog Revival

Dear readers,

time has passed, I have read many posts and thought about many things. Now I believe it is time to revive this blog!

I will post interesting links and thoughts on software product management every once in a while. Maybe I will not be as timely as I used to be, but maybe you will like it anyway. I look forward to every reader of this revived blog!

Comments on this blog

Esteemed readers,

this blog has been online for a while now, traffic is increasing, and I wrote quite some posts on a regular basis.

Now I would like to ask you about your opinion. Please comment on anything that you like or dislike. What are your favourite topics? Do you agree with my posts? What inspires you the most? Any idea is welcome and any comment to any post as well. I look forward to your feedback.

Keep in mind that user cannot search

Jakob Nielsen, one of the world’s most renowned usability experts, found out (again) that users cannot search. They simple are not capable to do so. This is no discrimination against users, but his research shows that as long as the search is simple, people find what they search for, but as soon as the search gets more complicated, success rates drop.

When designing user interfaces and interaction processes, product managers need to keep this in mind. Here is the blog entry.