Great presentations for great product managers

Product managers have to impress people, convey their vision and communicate effectively. More often than not, they use PowerPoint. Even though most product manager have very high PowerPoint skills, it is wise to always keep learning.

I came across the blog of Presentation Panda. The author provides really good advice and insights. A recommended read! (I am not affiliated with the site).

Visual Models… for anything

Most humans prefer visual orientation over other kinds of orientation. This is why people usually like “overviews”.

I found a nice list of several visual models  provided by Seilevel that are useful for product managers. You may call them table, overview, matrix, diagram… but all of them are visual representations that provide a quick overview and better understanding of a topic.

I plan to come back to this list every once in a while to see whether I can use more of them as templates for my daily work.

Balsamiq Mockup tool


The first post of this blog introduces a tool for a very important task of product management: user interface design. Since the user interacts with the software only through the user interface, careful design is necessary, which often involves several iterations.

An effective yet simple tool for creating wireframes is Balsamiq. It’s quick, easy, and provides two different styles for wireframes. Have a look yourself.