Product Management Mistakes that you need to prevent

The Cranky Product Manager returned and she brings us a list of common product management mistakes that we need to prevent. Even experienced PMs make these mistakes. Among the items on the list are:

  1. Not meeting with enough customers often enough.
  2. Allowing a piece of shit to ship.
  3. Making the product hard to buy or up-edition.
  4. Being afraid to draw pictures.

See the full list here.

Pitfalls and success criteria of releasing your product as Open Source

Most software product are developed as closed-source projects. There are some famous examples of open-source software though, such as Firefox, Linux, OpenOffice, etc.

To avoid the pitfalls and successfully release your software product as open source, this article lists what you need to take care of:

  • Why Open Source?
  • Getting Started
  • Choose A Default License
  • Outgoing Review
  • Accepting Contributions
  • Maintaining The Project
  • Warning Signs
  • End-Of-Lifing Projects
  • Conclusion

Case Study: Reducing choices instead of listening to everyone

Joelle Steiniger wrote a real-life case study about how not to go about developing a product. She writes that they listened to people in the development process, which was wrong. Eventually, they tried so solve the original problem without following pre-defined solutions. One of the most famous examples is mentioned as well: Henry Ford would have built faster horse carriages, had he listened to people.

The post is a longer one, but it is worth it.

Clear languare: Use category names that people understand

Hora Loranger from Nielsen Norman Group has a nice article that shows what to keep in mind when choosing category names for websites (or user interfaces):

  • Choose descriptive words and phrases
  • Avoid made-up words or terms
  • Check for overlapping categories
  • Use classification schemes that communicate attributes your users can decipher
  • Don’t rely on your instincts when deciding label names.

Use usual, great examples and more insight in provided in the article. Highly recommended.